Notes from the Shop Floor

by Jay Foster, SoftSolutions President

Category: Shop Floor Data Collection

The Game-Changer that can impact your bottom line…
is already on your shop floor.

There are plenty of articles out there about the latest in ERP systems and OEE, and how to make your equipment work hard for you. But I’m here to tell you about an underused and overlooked asset that you’ve already invested in. And it’s not a machine. It’s a human being.

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Jay’s Thoughts: Printing Industries of America Magazine

In the October, 2014 issue of PIA The Magazine, Jay published an article entitled “Is JDF Dead?”. Click below to read the entire article!

Foster_PIA Mag_Oct 2014-1


Shop Floor Data Collection:
It’s not what you got,
it’s how you use it.

Never has this adage been more true than with Shop Floor Data Collection.  What’s common today is that manufacturers are pulling lots of data from lots of different sources, but they are rarely using it effectively. Putting systems in place that actually create positive change is the ultimate goal. So what, exactly, does that mean?
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